"We are very pleased with the defense work of the law firm of Anderson Crawley & Burke. This business relationship has been ongoing for the past 8 years plus. We find this firm to be very helpful with specific questions and defense litigation matters."

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

"I have worked with the attorneys at Anderson, Crawley & Burke for more than two years now, and they are always knowledgeable and responsive to my needs. The firm continually does the "right thing" and I am proud to say that I have had the chance to work with them."

Courtenay Thomas
Commercial Markets
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

"Tim, I am going to write a glowing recommendation for your service and thanks to Georgia Casualty and Surety on your behalf. We could not have been better represented by any other law firm. I would like to personally thank you for your professionalism and more importantly for our friendship that has been developed over the past years. I hope we don’t have more need of an attorney but if I do I will certainly recommend your firm and you personally."

Doug Blackwell
Southern Tire Mart, LLC

"Referring to a defense verdict in a wrongful death/truck accident case: This is another example of the outstanding work Liberty Mutual receives from defense attorney Tim Crawley with the firm of Anderson Crawley & Burke located in Jackson, MS... I find Tim and his staff to handle my cases with a sense of urgency with timely responses to any request I may have."

Doug Morgan
Commercial Claims
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

"Anderson Crawley & Burke is a well established, efficient, and sophisticated firm who provide flexibility, a detailed knowledge base, and a great value to any organization. We are partners for all of our local, state, and national legal needs."

Edward C. Jones
Senior Claims Specialist
Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group

"We are a fairly new client to Anderson, Crawley & Burke, but I feel like a an old friend of the firm. Our exposure and volume is significant in Mississippi. I trust Jim and his associates to advise and handle our litigation with the utmost knowledge and expertise. I appreciate the timeliness of responses to questions and calls and absolute thoroughness of their written correspondence. I was referred to them by another business associate and am glad I heeded the recommendation."

Elizabeth Wynacht
Claims Manager, CWCP

"The guidance and counsel provided by Tim Crawley and his firm regarding my labor law questions were excellent. Tim provided clear and concise answers that greatly helped me."

James A. (Jim) Koerber, CPA/ABV/CFF, CVA, CFE
The Koerber Company, P.A.

"Anderson Crawley & Burke, PLLC is more than just AmFed’s insurance defense firm; its members have been AmFed’s strategic partners since we started operations in 1993. ACB’s lawyers and staff have proven many times over to be experts in the mitigation of risk associated with litigation. Beyond their legal expertise, the honesty and integrity ACB utilizes to litigate files in a manner that is cost-effective has contributed directly to AmFed’s ability to attract and retain business in an extremely competitive marketplace."

James Swanner
Vice President of Claims
AmFed Companies, LLC

"Tim/Brian, I have had a few days to reflect back on our time together in that Mississippi courtroom last week and I want to let both of you know how much I appreciate the job you both did defending Morgan Southern (and our driver) in this lawsuit... While your styles are vastly different, both are extremely effective. Tim, your ability to gain ground on every witness that the plaintiff presented was amazing. Brian, your ability to get (the driver) refocused after his breakdown was perhaps the key to our verdict. One of the things that impressed me most about both of you was the professional manner in which you conducted yourselves and how you represented my company in court. There was a stark contrast between the respect that you both showed the court, the witnesses, the jury, and the plaintiff as compared to how (the plaintiff’s attorney) conducted himself. I do not think this respect for the process went unnoticed by the Judge or the jury. For Tim, (the adjuster), and myself, we have been involved in this case since day one. I am thankful that Liberty Mutual had the wisdom to select your firm. The work that was done shortly after the accident was probably the key to our winning this case."

Lance T. Spencer
Safety Director
Morgan Southern, Inc.

"I worked with Anderson Crawley & Burke while managing a Fortune 300 retail store team of adjusters. Due to the unique WC laws of Mississippi, we developed a successful protocol for our denials. We actually had an ACB attorney visit the stores and perform the ‘next level’ of investigation. This ensured a strong denial and protected the employer and TPA from any ‘bad faith’ actions. Ironically, the claims that we conducted this ‘next level’ of investigation were never litigated. It was truly a cost savings for my client. Along with this radical protocol of successful denials, I found ACB to always be available to answer questions and train new employees. I feel we were very successful on our claims in a State that few realize this success. I attribute this to Anderson Crawley & Burke."

Linda Saunders
Program Manager - State of Illinois
Tristar Risk Management

"Anderson Crawley & Burke is a well established, efficient, and sophisticated firm who provide flexibility, a detailed knowledge base, and a great value to any organization. We are partners for all of our local, state, and national legal needs."

Mark Grovich

Levi Strauss & Co.

"Working with the attorneys at Anderson Crawley & Burke makes my job so much easier. They are highly skilled and are experts at handling workers’ compensation claims. I never have to worry about any of the claims that are assigned to them being neglected; and I never have to second guess any of their recommendations. They are always very attentive to the things that are essential and are at the top of my list when it comes to assigning litigated claims."

Sheata Southern
Senior Claims Specialist
AmFed Companies, LLC

"Jim Anderson has proven to be a superb attorney that I can trust with the most complex issues. He consistently develops litigation strategies and fair resolutions. He is always available and helpful in every situation. After nearly six years of working with Jim, I have never been disappointed in any aspect of his work."

Tammy Wygle
Senior Claims Representative III
FCCI Insurance Group