Medicaid's Right to Recovery from Responsible Third Parties


According to a notice from the Mississippi Bar Association, effective August 18, 2014, Health Management Systems, Inc. (HMS), under contract with the Mississippi Division of Medicaid (DOM), will be the primary contact for all casualty recovery inquiries for Mississippi Medicaid beneficiaries. Pursuant to section 1902 (a) (25) of the Social Security Act, 42 CFR § 433.135, and Miss. Code Ann. §§ 43-13-125, 43-13-305 and 43-13-307, DOM has a right to recover medical payments made on behalf of a Medicaid beneficiary from liable third parties. Under the statutes, an attorney or representative of a Medicaid beneficiary must notify DOM of any action or claim brought on behalf of the beneficiary.

Beginning August 18, 2014, notice of all actions or claims involving a Medicaid beneficiary must be referred to HMS using the following contact information: HMS Mississippi Casualty Recovery, P.O. Box 1350, Jackson, MS 39201-9820; Phone: (855) 547-4984; Fax: (844) 388-0653; Email:

HMS will perform all case management and casualty recovery for all Medicaid beneficiaries. When contacting HMS, attorneys will need to provide the HIPAA release form (to authorize the release of medical information), beneficiary's Medicaid ID number, date of birth, date of accident, and a copy of the complaint. Questions should be directed to HMS at (855) 547-4984.
The issues are continuing to evolve as to how this will work in the final analysis, but the message is that Medicaid lien is something not to be ignored.